Grasshopper Control

Grasshopper Control

Sizes Carried

  • 1#
  • 5#
  • 50#

Product Label

Semaspore Grasshopper Bait contains Nosema locustaeGrasshopper, a naturally occurring grasshopper disease. After eating Semaspore grasshoppers become sick, eat less, and begin to die. The disease spreads to healthy grasshoppers through cannibalism. In 2-4 weeks, 50% of the population will die, and most survivors will be infected to continue spreading the disease. Infected survivors eat 75% less than healthy grasshoppers and lay fewer eggs. Apply 1 pound Semaspore Bait per acre, when grasshoppers are young (1/4 to 1/2-inch long). Heavy infestations may require repeat applications. Semaspore has an 8 week shelf life – 5 months if refrigerated. Safe for people, pets and the environment. OMRI Listed for use in organic production.

Active Ingredient:
Nosema Iocustae ….. 0.05%
(Contains 1.0 x 109 viable Nosema spores per pound)