Greensand Plus

Greensand Plus

Greensand Plus is a mixture of Greensand and natural sulfate of potash that contains 17 percent soluble potash in combination with the soil conditioning and slow release minerals from Greensand. Greensand Plus is the perfect combination for soil that needs some available potash immediately. See each product for the individual benefits of both Greensand and Sulfate of Potash.

Applications of Greensand Plus should be based on the results of a soil test. If the amount of potash needed (in pounds per acre or per 1000 ft2) is known, divide the amount of potash needed by 0.17. The answer will be the amount of Greensand Plus to apply.

PLEASE NOTE: Greensand Plus is custom made to order. We no longer stock this item. Lead time is 2-4 weeks depending on the season.

For more information, download the product label pdf.

Greensand Plus – View MSDS (pdf)