Natural No-Phos 6-0-6

Natural No-Phos 6-0-6

Natural No-Phos

Natural No-Phos 6-0-6 is a natural fertilizer that contains no phosphates. The environmental protection agencies in some States are campaigning against the use of phosphates in fertilizers to reduce the amount of runoff into streams and lakes. Excess phosphates in waterways can cause eutrophication. Natural phosphates don’t pose much of a runoff problem but we have created this blend to show our support for the effort of these agencies.

Natural No-Phos 6-0-6 is made from Sulfate of potash, natural nitrate of soda, peanut meal, feather meal, and pasteurized poultry litter. Four of the six percent nitrogen is water insoluble.

Use and Coverage
Use 16-17 lbs. per 1000 ft2 for lawns, vegetables, flowers, trees, or shrubs. One 50-lb. bag covers 3000 ft2.

A word about Chilean nitrate
The NOSB recommended that NOP implement a rule change prohibiting Chilean nitrate as a source of nitrogen on certified organic farms and it was scheduled to take place in October, 2012 but the NOP has not made any specific determination yet. It is uncertain if Chilean nitrate will eventually be prohibited on certified organic farms or not. However, Natural No-Phos 6-0-6 can be made without Chilean nitrate upon request.

For more information, download the product label pdf.