Kelp Meal

Kelp Meal

Certified Organic

KelpmealKelp Meal is a source of naturally chelated trace elements that can increase the health of both the soil and the plants. Unfortunately, this product can be expensive to use as a soil amendment on a large scale. A more practical method of utilizing the benefits of kelpmeal is to use it as an animal feed supplement. This improves production from the animal and enriches the manure for use in compost or on crops. Researchers have found that replacing 3% of a cow’s diet with most types of seaweed resulted in up to an 80% decrease in methane emissions.

Recommended usage rates for animals are 2 – 2½ percent of the feed ration or up to 5 percent of the feed ration where deficiencies may exist or livestock is under stress due to travel, disease, reproduction, or weaning. Use only 1 percent of the feed ration for poultry or young animals. For use on the soil, it is generally applied at the rate of 10# per 1000 ft2.

For more information, download the product specifications pdf.