North Country Organics LO-MO is designed to significantly reduce maintenance inputs. Up to an 80% reduction in mowing is possible at a three-inch cut or higher. Once-a-year fertilization in the fall will adequately maintain this turf once it is established. LO-MO is very drought tolerant despite some loss of color during hot dry periods. LO-MO can tolerate a wide range of pH and prefers slow release or organic nitrogen.

Contains: 60% Hard Fescue and 40% Sheeps Fescue.

Note: Available varieties change frequently as new ones are introduced and old ones are discontinued. For current listings, please click here.

Area For Use: North of New York City.

Rate: 4-5 lbs. per 1,000 sq. ft.

When To Plant: Apr 1 – Jun 10 or Aug 1 – Oct 1.

Notes: Fall seeding is much preferred due to weed competition in the spring. LO-MO germinates reasonabl quickly but establishes slowly. In time it will form a dense, fine textured turf.

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