Annual and Perennial Ryegrass (Turf)

Annual and Perennial Ryegrass (Turf)

Annual – has a fine to medium texture and is light green in color. Annual ryegrass is inferior to perennial ryegrass in most qualities. It is an upright bunch-type with no rhizomes or tillers. It establishes very fast and may act as a short-lived perennial in very moderate climates but has extremely low tolerance for cold temperatures. It has little tolerance for moisture or heat stress and prefers a pH of 6.0 to 7.0.

Perennial ryegrass forms a very dense, dark green, fine bladed turf with the proper maintenance, and it can be successfully grown as a permanent lawn in the Pacific Northwest and coastal areas in California. In the East, from North Carolina to New England.

Yearly over-seeding may be needed to replace damaged grass caused by excessive heat during the summer or winter-kill. Avoid planting in arid areas if irrigation is not available, or places where extreme temperatures are the norm.


Ryegrass, Annual
Ryegrass, Applaud Perennial
Ryegrass, Common Perennial
Ryegrass, Fiesta 4 Perennial
Ryegrass, Futura Perennial

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