Timothy is a perennial bunch grass which has a wide range of variation in plant characteristics. Much of the variation is found in growth habit, leaf and stem characteristics, head type, earliness, longevity, and winter- hardiness. It is grown primarily for hay, but new cultivars are much improved for pasture use.

It is generally grown in mixtures. It is adapted to cool humid climates, but not too droughty conditions. When established in a legume mixture, planting time should favor the legume. If sown alone, it can be seeded in early spring or late summer. Timothy cut for hay will produce maximum dry matter yields when cut at the postbloom stage.

Common timothy is widely adapted and produces high yield with good management. Produces high quality hays if cut in early June. Climax timothy matures 7-10 days later than common. It has increased leafiness at harvest time and better resistance to rust.

Note: Available varieties change frequently as new ones are introduced and old ones are discontinued. For current listings, please click here.

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