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  • 32 oz


  • 24 oz

Product Label

Bug Shooter

An all-natural, insect control spray. BugShooter kills a wide variety of insects, from ants to cockroaches on contact using clove oils plus other food grade ingredients.

Ready-To-Use formula can be used both indoors and outdoors to kill common insects such as ants, flies, roaches, mites and most other insects found around your home.

Available in convenient 24 oz spray bottle and gallon ready-to-use sizes. For larger jobs such as trees, flower and vegetable gardens, our convenient quart and gallon concentrate sizes will tackle the job easily with your hose end sprayer.

Treatment Coverage
1 gallon treats: 6,000 square feet

Ready-To-Use sizes:
24 oz spray bottle
1 gallon spray bottle refill jug

Concentrate sizes:
32 oz. bottle treats: 1,500 square feet