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Active Ingredient: spinosad

Conserve® SC specialty insecticide is an excellent choice for nursery and greenhouse operators, as well as arborists, and lawn care operators and golf course superintendents. Spinosad, the active ingredient in Conserve, is derived from the fermentation of a naturally occurring organism, uniquely combining the efficacy of synthetic insecticides with the benefits of biological insect pest control products.


• Offers quick kill – insect pests exhibit symptoms in minutes resulting in rapid cessation of plant/turf damage. Control is evident within one to three days.

• Provides excellent efficacy on target pests such as thrips, leafminers and Eastern tent caterpillars.

• Offers a unique mode of action which makes it compatible with resistance management programs and therefore IPM compatible.

• Has activity on pests by ingestion and contact exposure.

• Is highly active at very low use rates.

• Has low odor.

• Not phytotoxic to labeled ornamentals or turfgrasses.

• Has a four-hour WPS re-entry interval

Pests Controled:

Armyworms, including beet
Bagworms, including spruce
Cutworms, including black
Eastern tent caterpillars
Fall webworms
Fire ants
Gypsy and hickory tussock moth larvae
Pod gall midges
Serpentine leafminers
Sod webworms
Spider mites
Spruce budworms
Thrips, including western flower
Yellow-necked caterpillars
See label for complete listing of pests controlled


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