Container Fertilization Guide

Container Fertilization Guide

Plants growing in containers live in a much different environment than those growing in the ground. The ratio of root occupation to soil is significantly higher in containers and thus, utilization of fertilizer nutrients is also much higher. We advise caution when fertilizing plants growing in containers especially if you are using a dry fertilizer. Pro-Start 2-3-3 is our fertilizer of choice for container plants.

If you are fertilizing established plants already growing in containers, use the For Surface Application form below to calculate how much Pro-Start to apply. The fertilizer should be sprinkled on top of the growing media and watered into the surface.

If you are pre-mixing Pro-Start 2-3-3 with your growing media, the For Mixing form below will help you convert our recommended mixing rate of 5 to 30 lbs/yd3 into oz/gallon. If you don’t know which rate to use, start with 8 lbs/yd3 and experiment from there.

For more in-depth mixing calculations, see Calculating Potting Media Amendments

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