Tree Fertilization

Tree Fertilization

There is more than one method of fertilizing an established tree. Our preference is to spin spread under the dripline of the tree. The distribution width of most spreaders is 8-10 ft which, from under the dripline, would cover an area 4-5 ft outside the dripline and 4-5 ft inside the dripline. This is where the feeder roots are typically found.

Our recommended fertilization rate for most established trees is 1-lb of Pro-Gro 5-3-4 per 2-ft. of crown diameter. However, if the tree is a mature fruiting or flowering variety, we recommend Pro-Start 2-3-3 instead. See our Application Guide for more details.dripline

If you are applying a liquid such as Stress-X, Good-4 Plants, or Organic gem, you will need to determine the area of the feeder root zone.

NOTE: Rates calculated below are per application. Maximum application frequency of Stress-X and Good-4 Plants is once per week. Maxium application frequency of Organic Gem is once every three weeks.

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